The Hundred and One Dalmatians
The Hundred and One (101) Dalmatians

by Dodie Smith

First edition in dustjacket

Not price clipped ($2.75) this was published by Viking Press in 1957.

Near mint with only a very slight discoloration at the very top and
bottom of the dust jacket's spine and a 1/2" tear on the back of the dust jacket at the top.

Yellow Submarine Magazine
The Official Beatles Yellow Submarine magazine

48 page magazine copyright 1968 in outstanding condition despite a few small wrinkles on the cover that may have been caused by some condensation at some time in it's life. Does not distract or detract.8 1/4" x 11".

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn - Norma Jean

Gloria Steinem with photos by George Barris ...

First edition, dust jacketed oversized book ( 9 1/2" x 11 1/2") from 1986 has just the very slightest moisture mark on the bottom of the inside front of the dust jacket.

Kanter's Magic Shop 1947 Catalog of Superior Magic

Marked No. 8..this softcover book is crammed full of 2199 different magic tricks and books ... most of them under $10.00 each.
Front and back is full of pictures of magicians . 3/4" x 6" x 9" ... this IS a fantastic reference to vintage magic tricks.

Scandalous Rendezvous at a Back-road Motel
by William Vaneer

Croydon Original Novel 1954

Odd size for paperback 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" good read condition.

Army Girl
by Whit Harrison

Story of a Girl Who Couldn't Live by Regulations

Venus Books 1953

odd size for a paperback 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" in good but read condition.

1922 Manual of First-Aid for Miners

Neat book issued by the Dept of the Interior Bureau of Mines ... paperback about 4" x 6" shows a little wear (because it's a paperback) but nothing of any consequence. 

Just Shoot Me TV Script

Just Shoot Me "The Burning House" Episode #622 Wednesday Feb 27 2002 in excellent condition.


First Edition by Kyle Onstott

Good condition with some slight Dust Jacket damage.

The Dream Merchants

First Edition by Harold Robbins

Very good condition with some slight Dust Jacket damage.

Der Welt Krieg (The World War)

German album for cigarette cards depicting everything about the First World War. Card set is complete from 1 to 270. Book shows some wear and part of the spine is missing (about 1 1/2" at the top). Text is in german fraktur.

Bilder Deutsche Geschichte (Pictorial German History)

German album for cigarette cards depicting German History from "German Middle Ages" into "1871 to 1914". This is volume 12 in, what appears to be a very large, time consuming, cigarette card album. 9 1/4" x 12". Shows some wear on the spine and back bottom left corner is missing ( 1/2"). Circa 1936 ... boy you had to smoke a lot of cigarettes. There are (I say because every time I count the I come up with either 180, 200 or some other number..since there are 4 per page I just counted pages and hope I didn't miss any) 192 pictures and that is the complete set for this book ... none missing.

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Comic Art and Comics

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"Everyday Science and Mechanics" from 1932 - 1936
(The majority of these issues have had either clear or paper tape applied to their spine ... the paper tape mostly at top and bottom and the original owner had written info on them so I don't know if they were also supposed to protect or repair ... but none of the tape interferes with the overall condition of the magazines). Larger format these are all 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".

July 1932.

October 1932.

July 1933.

April 1934.

May 1934.

August 1935.

January 1936. Small Amelia Earhart article in issue.

April 1936.

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Miscellaneous Paper Collectibles

Stereo View Tobacco Cards
Stereoscope view cards Army Club cigarette premium

35 different sets of R and L cards issued by Army Club Cigarettes.
4 sets of Prehistoric Peeps and 31 sets of Peeps Into Many Lands.
1 1/2" x 2 1/2" they had to be inserted individually into some kind of stereo viewer.

1937 Dionne Quintuplets Paper Cut-out Doll Book

Near mint and uncut.

Early 1900's gilt edged faux leather cover automobile expenses record.

Excellent condition.

1935 Philadelphia coal company's postage paid household coal ordering postcard in good, unused condition.

Playboy Magazine 50th Anniversary Edition

Read but in very fine condition with centerfold. Must show definitive proof of age to purchase.

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