MQ0675 Double Deck of Coca Cola cards in Santa

MQ0921 WWII Era Coca Cola Aircraft Spotter Playing Cards
Used and missing: 2 of hearts, 8 of clubs, Queen of clubs, 2 of diamonds, 1 joker

KQ9413 1950's Coca Cola Cards
They have been opened but appear to be

MQ0505 Complete but slightly used Coca Cola cards

MQ0922 Newer but never opened Coca Cola Cards

MQ0923 Mint Coca Cola cards

MQ0947 MIB Coca Cola convention double deck

MQ0948 Double Deck Santa Coca Cola Playing Cards MIB

MQ0922 Newer but used Coca Cola Cards missing the jokers

MQ0401 Pinup cards Anthony's Service Station...complete but used

MQ0377 Pinup Advertising Miron Lumber complete, used, no jokers

MQ0957 Pinup Advertising Westchester Supply...complete but no jokers

JQ9917 (My favorite red head) Pinup used, complete, one joker

MQ0435 Pinup MIB

MQ0378 Pinup advertising Manfredi, used, complete, one joker

KQ8168 Pinup used one joker

MQ0506 Pinup used, complete, one joker

MQ0507 Pinup used complete one joker

MQ0959 Pinup advertising Eby's Garage Service Station
used as Pinochle deck 2 - 8 are ming 9 - A very used..complete

MQ0958 Pinup Hawaii souvenir...complete..the nipples have been dithered out
in case kids are watching

MQ0941 Southern Pacific Lines - single deck, unused, complete but no box

MQ0942 Single Deck Nash Rambler 1902 cards...WELL USED No jokers

MQ0943 Pennsylvania Railroad "POWER" Single Deck used but complete

MQ0944 Double Deck 1970's Schlitz Playing Cards MIB

MQ0945 Wabash Railroad double deck slightly used but NO jokers in either deck

MQ0946 Double Deck CONRAIL Playing Cards MIB

MQ0953 Single Deck Southern Pacific Lines...early larger cards
Comes with an advertising for their salad bowl
which is also the extra joker...deck is complete..almost unused
which is evident by all the gilt on the edges

MQ0954 Single Deck Southern Pacific Lines...early larger cards.
these are from the Sunset Ogden and Shasta routes
Used only one joker
still has the booklet that tells about the pictures on the individual cards

KQ9812 Pennsylvania Railroad Horseshoe Curve slight use but complete

MQ0949 Nickel Rate Road Double Deck sealed missing lid to box

KQ7333 Chesapeake Railroad Double Deck MIB 1940-1965
cellophane wrapper of one is off but in the pack

MQ0950 Pennsylvania Railroad 100 years...slight use no jokers

MQ0951 Chesapeake Railroad Double Deck Piggy Back MIB 1945-1960

MQ0952 Chesapeake Railroad Peake...used but complete

KQ9108 InternationalDouble Deck MIB

KQ9109 Chevron MIB

MQ0956 Metropolitan Street Railway Trolley slightly used but complete

MQ0955 ACME Freight Double Deck MIB

MQ0960 Reddy Kilowatt double deck 1940-1965 MINT

MQ0961 Seaboard Steel Corporation Double Deck complete no lid

MQ0962 Farrell Lines #1 MIB

MQ0964 Farrell Lines #2 MIB

MQ0963 Lamport Lines MIB no lid

MQ0965 SS Milwaukee Clipper slight use

MQ0970 Cheer Up Medical Cartoons MIB

MQ0971 Cheer Up Medical Related Cartoons MIB

MQ0969 Cocker Spaniel in Barrel - Imperial used complete

MQ0968 Cocker Spaniel with Ducks Shanley's used complete

MQ0980 Amtrak #3 unused complete

MQ0979 Amtrak #2 Unused complete

MQ0981 Amtrak #4 unused

MQ0978 Amtrak #1

MQ0982 Railroad Logos

MQ0974 Mack Trucks MIB

MQ0975 88 Jumbo Poker Playing Cards..well used but complete

MQ0977 No 500 Playing Cards with 11's 12's 13's...well used one joker

MQ0973 English Ovals Playing Cards still sealed..from 1924-1929

JQ7423 Little Duke..early mini playing cards

MQ0984 1903 Gavitt's Stock Exchange Game Cards complete

MQ0983 1903 Gavitt's Stock Exchange Game Cards complete

MQ0975 MIB Cards from 1940-1965

MQ0972 Bradley's Groom Shop circa 1950's

MQ0966 Holland American jokers..very well used but neat case

MQ0967 Hanover Yearling Foals 1981..J Q K A have foal informartion..complete

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