Chimney Sweep Candy Container. Excellent Condition. Appx 6" tall

Goebel Santa Claus. Mint. 4" tall.


6" Santa with Bell.

Santa in Christmas Boot 4".

Santa Soaky Shampoo Bottle. Empty. 7".

Unusual Christmas Tree light. A lion with a tennis racquet. Don't know if it works. 3".

1930's Christmas Light Zeppelin Shaped. Don't know if it works.

Appx 12" diameter Christmas candy/cookie bowl made in Western Germany of pressed cardboard. Mint.

7" Candy Container Furry Boot.

Santa Pinback Button Meet Me At Germain's Toyland Excellent 1 1/4"

Santa in his Roadster Bank from Amoco. Mint in Box.

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Halloween Centerpiece. 15" tall.

Unusual Witch is a nodder and a clicker. Age unknown. 6".

Halloween Party Hat

Early Pumpkin Head Jack O Lantern. As is. 7".

Wax pumpkin head candle. 8".

Litho tin, plastic handled, Halloween noise maker.

Paper Halloween candy bags. Set of 5.

Plastic Halloween Pumpkin candy container. 4".

Paper Halloween cowgirl witch with spread wings. 9".

Small plastic witch candy container.

Witch, cat and pumpkin plastic candy container.

Four Witches on Brooms Chocolate Mold excellent condition

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Yellow Beading on this small duck candy container.

Really strange duck candy container. 4".

Duck with hat candy container. 6"

Paper Mache Rabbit held candy in his backpack. 11".

Small yellow rabbit candy container. 4".

Two Rabbits pushing a cart. Wyandotte 7 1/2.

Neat pressed steel duck candy wagon. 7 1/2"

Springy rabbit, pressed steel, easter candy cart. 9"

Lamb Chocolate Mold
K1334 Small Two Lamb Easter Chocolate Mold

Appx 2" x 5 1/2" x 9" in very good condition.

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