QE Pocket Knife
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Knife 1930's 1940's

Excellent condition with just a little wear..this knife is, I assume, from the 1930's because the estate it came from was from a couple that went back and forth on the Queen Elizabeth during that time frame..please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sheffield steel, it's appx 3 1/8" long when closed.

J9577 Unusual key shaped knife. Patented 10-28-1912

3" long when closed. Advertising for Trueheart & Russell Flour

Compliments of National Publishing Philadelphia. 2 3/4" long when closed

Souvenir Pocket Knife TSS New York Mint. Appx 3" closed.

Key shaped pocket knife says Camillus Has The Edge - 2" long when closed.

Y-B Cigar Premium Advertising Pocket Knife.

Appx 3" long when closed ... this knife has seen use but is still in overall very good condition. The name Rob M Ganter engraved on it so if that's your name, you're in luck..

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