Stanley Bicentennial Tape Measure
Stanley Tape Measure celebrated the Bicentennial

Pocket size black plastic tape measure is a Stanley 30-176 or 178 that on the front has 1776 1976 and the Liberty Bell. It's appx 3/8" deep and 1 5/8" square.
Shows some use and wear and has some paint loss, predominantly on the back of the steel tape.

Rock of Ages Slide 2
Victorian Glass Slide Rock of Ages Series #2

4" x 7" wood frame holds a 3" diameter glass slide. This one is simply called "The Angry Sea"

Rock of Ages Slide 3
Victorian Glass Slide Rock of Ages Series #3

4" x 7" wood frame holds a 3" diameter glass slide. This one is called "The Rock of Ages"

Rock of Ages Slide 6
Victorian Glass Slide Rock of Ages Series #6

4" x 7" wood frame holds a 3" diameter glass slide. This one is called "The Helping Hand"

Rock of Ages Slide 7
Victorian Glass Slide Rock of Ages Series #7

4" x 7" wood frame holds a 3" diameter glass slide. This one is called "Simply To Thy Cross I Cling"

Bicentennial Bronze Medallion
Bicentennial Bronze Medallion George Washington ... Masonic

3" diameter it comes with a small stand.

Heavy, it weighs 10 ounces

Front has George Washington at Prayer 1776-1976

Reverse has the masonic triangle in the middle and around the outside it says "John L McCain American 1976 Bicentennial R W Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania.

Hasko Ouija Tray in Box
Hasko Mystic Tray 1940's

Sorry, no planchette but with original box that is a little rough with one end torn off but still present.
Huge, it's appx 15 3/4" x 25".
Snow White witch is on the bottom left.

Hasko Ouija Board
Hasko Mystic Ouija Board 1940

Sorry, no planchette. Appx 14 1/2" x 21" it shows some very slight wear but still has the spring-loaded hanger that affixed it to someone's wall.

California Mission Picture

California mission - assumed to be early San Juan Capistrano

5 3/4" x 13",  I can't see any "lithography" dots so, since it's under glass and I can't get at it any better, I am assuming it to be either
 a painting or a "Wallace Nutting" type of tinted photo.

My father, the noted Southern California artist, Eugene Schmidt, whose paintings are regularly sold on eBay,
looked at it two years ago while we were visiting (just before he passed away) and he felt fairly confident that it
was an early version of the mission at San Juan Capistrano. Early because it has changed since then and some of the structures are no longer there.

We just got a confirmation from California Mission Studies Association and I quote "Definitely SJ Cap before the current exterior wall and
other more modern buildings were built".

Now the problem. It's in my database but it's in neither antique mall so it's lost/stolen or in my office or garage...both of which look like a
hurricane/earthquake/fragmentation grenade hit them so I don't know where at this time.
If you are interested send me your email and once I find out what happened to it I will let you know.

Lucite Pencil Lebanon High School
Lucite Mechanical Pencil Lebanon High School Band

also marked "Penna State Champions 1952 1953 this pencil is in mint condition. Appx 5 1/2" long.

Westinghouse ID Tag
Unusual Westinghouse ID Tag

Brass badge with paper and plastic front. On the back in a circle large "W" and "Westinghouse Elec. Corp.".
The front on the paper it says "So. Philadelphia Works" ... Section (left blank)... Check No. 21462 ... Badge No. (Left blank). Appx 1 1/2" x 1 3/4".

Glass Label Pharmacy Bottle
Old Glass Labeled Pharmacy Bottle

Nice size 5 1/2" to the top of the stopper. The glass label is completely intact and says Arom. Spt. Ammonia (Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia). This is the stuff you smelled when you were faint and ready to pass out.

1941 Senate Pass
United States Senate Chamber Pass

Issued on Feb 13, 1941 and signed by Senator Joseph F Guffey Dem from Pennsylvania.

Ladies Purse Size Powder Horn.
J7822 Mini Ladies Pocket Book Powder Horn

4 1/2" long it's in excellent condition.

Celluloid Manicure Set
J9978 Celluloid Manicure Set

5" x 5" container it is in very fine condition.

Penna Civil Defense License Plate
Undated Pennsylvania Civil Defense License Plate

Most likely from the 1950's in good condition.

Undated New Jersey License Plate appx 6" x 12"

Most likely from the 1950's in good condition.

Vintage glass medicine inhaler

Impossible to find in this condition because of it's construction. Glass tube with two corks (one at the top the other at the bottom) with a piece of paper providing the instructions and store advertising.

3 1/2" long and totally undamaged.

Vintage Chinese Cricket Cage

2 3/4" x 3" it's actual age is undetermined. Beautifully constructed
Crickets were widely held to be good luck by the Chinese.

Lufkin Rule Co Thread Tap Guide>1935 but near mint this coated cardboard Standard Screw Thread Tap Guide would fit nicely into any tool collection. Appx 3 1/4" diameter it is almost mint.

Lufkin Radius Gauges ... complete

Victorian Pocket Mirror

Marked sterling, this neat little collapsible mirror is appx 2" closed and 4 1/4" opened. Monogrammed (looks like C M), the wire handle also serves to protect the mirror face.

Hand Forged and Cast Iron Blacksmith's Tool ... Hammer in very good but used condition.

Small Handmade Pewter Dish for the 1964 gop convention

2 5/8" diameter, marked Shirley Williamsburg Virginia Handmade on the back in excellent condition.

Boy Scout First Aid Kit
Boy Scout First Aid Kit

Green and Olive Drab in color the lid has seen quite a bit of wear but that's probably because it has belt loops on the back and may have been carried on a belt at one time.

Appx 6" x 4" x 2" it would still make a nice addition to your scout collection.

Publix Emergency Kit tin

Neat graphics on this tin that measures appx 2 3/4" x 3 5/8" x 3/8". Held bandaids. Good condition, some minor staining. Overall outstanding.

Early Childs Feeding Dish with warm water holder.

Neat sports decals. Very good condition.

1929 High School "Dink" Hat

Purchased in Carlisle PA last weekend ... marked "STHS" I don't know what the ST stands for. Worn but in very good condition.

1924 Bell Telephone Alignment Tool

Unusual measuring/calibrating tool from Bell Systems patented Dec 9, 1924. Completely intact chrome steel device.
The part that is the most perplexing to me is the fact that the smallest of the parts has screw threads in it to screw into a power or telephone pole to hold the tool while lining it up with the cable coming to and leaving from the pole for the measurement. Appx 8 1/4" long it is in excellent condition.

Vintage Archimedes Drill

Very early marked "Hobbies" on top has superficial rust that you should be able to clean off without a problem if you want to. 10" long not counting the drill that's still attached.

Craftsman Level
Craftsman Level

Excellent condition shirt pocket level with clip. Appx 5" long.

Red Star Level
Vintage Red Star Level

Chrome plated or stainless, it's four inches long and marked "Red Star is King" - "Lake Erie Boulder Compound Co. Buffalo N.Y." - The L.S.S Co. Athol, Mass. U.S.A.

Vintage Stanley Level #36

Marked Stanley Level #36 9" this is a beauty. Has three levels and each one has a protective knurled piece that rides around it.

Fearless Fosdick Advertising Matchbook.

WWII Bakelite Tank Shaped Pencil Sharpener.

Portable Scalpel Set Six blades and one handle in the slightly worn chrome plated container.

Appx 2 1/4" x 4 1/4" in size. Blades are better than the picture shows ... the shine makes them photograph poorly.

An unusually shaped Shotgun Shell ... unused.

Marked Western Super X 3/4 oz shot load for 3 inch chamber only.

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