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KQ7446 Harley Davidson Oil Can Zippo

Mint in the Box little paper loss upper left on label

Mint Zippo in oil can shaped container with 1999 copyright date on side of can.

KQ7858 Playboy Bunny Zippo

MIB slim marked 06 on bottom of can.

KQ8317 1996 Zippo Lighter MIB

KQ8318 1996 Zippo Lighter a bit rough with a some scratches

KQ8319 USS Roosevelt CVN-71 slightly used

KQ9924 1995 Peace logos Zippo, slightly used...excellent

MQ0821 1965 Zippo Grumman Town and Country?

MQ0826 1996 Ford Zippo Mint

KQ8213 Farrow Company Knife and File

KQ8214 GHES Ontario Chapter Knife

KQ8215 Harborview Electric Knife and File

KQ8216 Delta Catalytic Knife and file

KQ8270 General Electric Knife and File

KQ8271 Nabisco Knife and file

KQ8272 Ronson Knife and File

KQ8819 MIB Greenskeept as a Zippo Promotional item

MQ0811 Zippo Tape Measure says CCA

Used pre metric

MQ0810 Zippo Tape Measure Atlantic Richfield Company

Used pre metric

KQ8207 National Rivet Magnifying Glass

KQ8211 FS Green Plan Magniying Glass

KQ8820 MIB Zippo Advertising Knife File Money Clip

KQ8821 Zippo Advertising Money Clip

MQ0818 Newport News Shipbuilding Knife File

MQ0819 Combination Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Knife File

MQ0820 Gilbert Commonwealth Knife File

MQ0822 American Mirex Tape Measure with metric

MQ0853 Zippo Transmission Engineering Company Key Ring

MQ1245 Zippo Glen-Gery Key Ring MIB

MQ1334 Zippo Knife File Garden State Construction

MQ1336 Zippo Tape Measure Early CCC Co - no metrics

MQ1337 Anderson Metals Tape Measure New

MQ0885 Reddy Kilowatt Cigarette Lighter 40's - 50's

MQ1332 Snoopy F**k It Cigarette Lighter
Popular in the 60's during the Vietnam War

MQ1333 Piezo-Electric Mint Toshiba Advertising Cigarette Lighter

MQ0813 Ronson Typhoon Lighter for Diners Club

Vintage lighter appears unused

MQ0812 Ronson Typhoon Lighter Knights of Columbus Logo

Vintage lighter appears unused.

KQ8339 Capitol Bread Lighter

KQ1517 Wooden Box with Colored cigarettes...incomplete

KQ9085 Salesman lighter with four different cases

MQ0510 MIB Bentley Flick with two butane refills

MQ0669 Snoopy cursing the Red Baron...MIB

MQ0817 The Giant table lighter...could use cleaning 3 1/4" x 3 1/2"

MQ0814 Heineken Cigarette Lighter

Looks like it's not been used more than once or twice..Marked Champ on bottom

MQ0824 Naval Ordnance Lighter in original box..slightly used

Bentley Butane Lighter

Mint in the box

Gance's Motel & Restaurant Lighter

Endicott N.Y. Mint in Box.

KQ3809 Reynolds Aluminum Ad Lighter

Other side says Nashua Mobile

MQ0815 Herman's Service Stations Lighter

Flint appears stuck and it's hard to open...appears unused.

Murad Cigarette Tin holds 100 cigarettes...a little paint loss

Unused Cigarette Punchboard 10 3/4" x 12 3/4"

KQ8136 Rogers Viscount 12 butane lighters in three designs MIB still on their cardboard frame which is still in it's original wrap-around box. Appx 12 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Golf Ball Shaped Table Lighter...mechanism works..Can't make out the manufacturer on the bottom and I lightened up the section on the side where there is some kind of logo

Permanent Match

Mint in box. Has ring for keychain.

Squibb Permanent Match advertising

Used but still works...says Squibb Shaving Cream on other side.

Berliner Kindl cigar cutter

Excellent condition..circa 1930's

Sterling Silver Knife and Cigar Cutter

Very good condition..

Sultan Export Nr. 12 cigarette tin

German, circa 1920 - 1930. Held 25 cigarettes appx 2 3/4" x 5" x 5/8"

Dimitrino & Co Cigarette Tin

Rough due to litho loss. Held 100 cigarettes. Appx 5" x 5 3/4" x 1 1/2"..

Atikah cigaretten tin

Large curved cigarette tin. German 1920's, held 50 cigarettes. 5 1/4" x 4 5/8" x 5/8" in overall very good condition.

Prince de Monaco Egyptian Cigarette Tin

Nice early cigarette tin. Held 25 cigarettes. 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 5/8" in overall very good condition.

Disney Pepsi Cola Matchbook unused

WWII unit logo from Walt Disney...this one is Donald Duck for the U.S. Naval Reserve Aviation Base

Disney Pepsi Cola Matchbook unused

WWII unit logo from Walt Disney...this one is Dumbo for the Sixth Recon Squadron

Disney Pepsi Cola Matchbook unused

WWII unit logo from Walt Disney...this one a lion for the 251st Coast Artillery

Disney Pepsi Cola Matchbook unused

WWII unit logo from Walt Disney...this one is Horace Horsecollar for 3rd Recon Squadron

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