Phono Finish Horse Race Game
No box, no pieces..just the board and the record.


Tiddley Winks Game

Appears to be complete...the side of the box has a tape repair


MAD Card Game
Complete but used.

The Man from UNCLE card game
Complete but used


Eslie the Cow Board Game
Board Only

Good condition with surface dirt on the box.

Gee-Wiz Racing Game Sensation

Wolverine Supply Co...seems complete..rough box.

JACMAR's Disneyland Electric Quiz
Uses one D cell battery. Cards are front and back and have 1-2, 3-4,5-6,7-8,9-10 and the one that's not removable is numbered 13 - 11-12 is missing.  If it doesn't work, all it could be is the battery or the light since that's all there is.
Good condition with surface dirt on the box.


Duck Pins Transogram 1937
Complete...the box is a little rough.


Gibbs Postal Wagon
K3367 Gibbs Horsedrawn US Mail Mail Wagon #27

Very good overall condition with one rust area on the tin roof of the wagon. The paper horse is excellent

Chein Drummer Plunger Toy
Chein Army Drummer Plunger Toy

Early 1930's toy works fine, shows average wear. Liquid solder (glue) repair to the bottom back of the toy is not visible unless you are looking directly at it.

Toy Coffee Grinder
K3124 Little Tot toy coffee grinder

Working condition 3" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". Excellent condition

 Toy Scale
K0983 Child's Cast Iron Scale with one weight only. Appx 6" in good condition

 Wood Man and Woman
J9486 Wood Couple - probably a farmer and his wife

Possibly part of a WPA project they are appx 9" high and in very good condition.

 Jetsons Lucnh Pail
J9981 Jetsons - The Movie Lunch Pail and Thermos

Appears to be unused and in excellent condition.

Cereal Premium Flags
Early 1950's litho tin flags cereal premium

15 flags that are designed to hang from each other. You got them one at a time (I suppose)  in your box of cereal.

Flags are appx 1 1/2" wide and have a slight curl pressed into them to give them the look of fluttering in the breeze.

Ceylon  Poland  United Kingdom  Romania  Ireland  Yugoslavia  Czechoslovakia  

Cuba  Peru  Albania  Union of South Africa  Liberia  Israel  Argentina  Netherlands 

Litho Tin Friction San Francisco Cable Car
K2474 Litho Tin Friction San Francisco Cable Car

Marked Japan it is appx 6 1/2" long and in great condition.

1930's Litho Tin Pencil Box with Pencils
K2648 1930's Litho Tin Pencil Box with Pencils

Nibbed Pen and Wooden Ruler
Excellent condition with very little litho loss.

Horsedrawn Wagon Made in U.S.A.
K2454 Horsedrawn Farm Wagon

Good overall condition appx 11" long.

Donkey Cart.
K2455 Donkey Cart

Good overall condition appx 10 1/2" long.

Vintage Litho Tin Top
K0784 Litho Tin Top

Tall, about 9 - 10 inches high. Marked MFZ which I assume to be the manufacturer. Pushed on on one side that's visible in the photo

Fanner 50 Black Finish
K2096 Mattell Fanner 50 Black Finish.

Shows some wear and use but still works fine and is in fine overall condition.

Gilbert Auto-rama Hump Bridge kit

Kit No. 19341 appears to be complete and unconstructed. The mailing address for Gilbert has the old postal code so I assume this to be from the 50's. One piece is damaged. It appears to be some kind of extra item not shown on the cover and if you have the glue to put this kit together, you have the glue to fix the damage.

Appx 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1 1/2".

Box would make a great display since the cover and sides appear to be unblemished.

K1705 Gibbs Pony Cart

Appx 13" long. This is one of those early 1900's late 1800's wood and paper toys. As such the paper shows a few losses but otherwise remarkable condition for it's age.

See and Say Letter Box

Litho Tin Box ... empty alas ... but neat nevertheless ... 1" x 4" x 5 3/4" with some light litho scratches. From the Iroquois Publishing Company, Inc. Syracuse New York

Marx Litho Tin Windup Jumpin Jeep

Circa 1947 toy in EXCELLENT appearance and good overall condition. I differentiate between the two because the spring has seen a lot of use and is weak.

Hubley Hawk

Neat little pistol with plastic "Mother of Pearl" grips that have some scratches. Shows it's age with some very slight corrosion but nothing significant. Appx 3" x 5".

Hubley Two in One Cap Pistol with two different size barrels.

Gene Autry Cap Pistol.

Range Rider Cap Pistol.

Taxi Cab

Plastic, Takes C cell batteries. Works fine.

Lehman Hip Hop Rabbit

Litho tin friction Toy in excellent condition.

Play Golf

Litho Tin Windup circa 1911. Works but not very well..very weak spring needs lubrication. Comes with very rough box.


Wind Up Litho Tin Indian Drummer

Works fine.

Small size (appx 4" high) Cowboy and Indian Litho Tin Sand Pail. Very good condition.

Pioneer Spirit

Made in Japan Litho Tin Friction Toy. Great Shape.

Sparking Robot

50's Japanese. Litho Tin Windup. Works.

Rodeo Joe Litho Tin Windup


Lucky Seven Dexterity Puzzle.

Double Six Dexterity Puzzle.

1950's Quiz Game
Vintage Plastic Electric "Electro Quizzer"

Also called the "Pocket Quiz" this neat little 50's 60's toy tests your knowledge on 7 different subjects. Appears to be complete and undamaged (remarkable for that age plastic) but needs a battery so I don't know if it will work.

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