American Airlines Family Fare Display Circa 1960

17" high X 9" wide x 5 1/2" deep.

Injection molded composition I believe ... it is hollow and has a couple of very minor boo-boos ...

1) on the bottom right front of the girl's shoe - 2) on the back of the man's coat
3) on the front top of the man's hat - 4) on the back the right side of the boy's hair

all of them are visible in the picture

The only other one in existence, that I'm aware of, is in the American Airlines Museum in Texas.

 Delta Air Lines Coffee Cup
Delta Air Lines Coffee / Tea Cup

Excellent condition cup (no saucer) appx 3 3/4" diameter and only about 2" high.

This is a listing for one cup but there are two others.
If you want them also let us know and we will send you a Paypal invoice with a single shipping cost.

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RMS Mauretania Cuff Links
RMS Mauretania Cuff Links

Marked only "Mauretania" these cufflinks had to have been made between 1922 when it was converted from coal to oil and it lost a couple of it's stacks and 1935 when it was sold for scrap.

They are in fine condition with some wear and some very slight tarnish showing on the brass portions but as you can see from the pictures, they are in great shape. They are only 1/2" x 3/4" in dimension (1x1 1/2cm).

QE Pocket Knife
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Knife 1930's 1940's

Excellent condition with just a little wear..this knife is, I assume, from the 1930's because the estate it came from was from a couple that went back and forth on the Queen Elizabeth during that time frame..please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sheffield steel, it's appx 3 1/8" long when closed.

Souvenir Pocket Knife TSS New York Mint. Appx 3" closed.

P and O lines linen napkin
P and O and B.I. Steamship lines linen napkin

P and O and B.I. stands for Penininsular and Oriental Steam Navigating Company and British India Steam Navigation Company
Circa 1930 - 1940

Appx 20" square this napkin is in fine condition. It does have a couple of tiny brownish spots that are not visible when the napkin is folded to show the logo. Yes, it's hard to see and you really have to stare at the jpg (slightly pink caused by my camera). It's a circle with "P and O and B. I." in the circle. Inside the circle are two crossed flags and the words "Quis Separabit"

I modified the photo by darkening it with a photo enhancing program so that it makes the logo somewhat easier to see.

S S Ariadne soap bar.

Appx 2" wide. From the West Indies Cruises - Eastern Steamship Cops. Probably circa 1950's. Never opened.

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Baltimore Ohio Railroad Chair Receipt
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad coach chair reservation memorandum

Unusual ephemera from the B and O Railroad. Dated, looks like Sep 1 56, was a coach chair reservation form from Chicago to Washington DC.
2 3/4" x 4 1/2" it has some personal writing on the back.

Baltimore Ohio Railroad Tour Tag
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Tour Baggage Tag

Unusual ephemera baggage tag from the B and O Railroad. To a young lady with the Telephone Pioneers MD.
2 3/4" x 5 1/4" this is hard cardboard stock

Lehigh Valley Railroad union agreement booklet

Very good condition with the name Donald L Robbins in pencil at the top it measures appx 3 1/2" X 5 3/4".

Pennsylvania Railroad First Aid Kit

Complete with two unopened packs

Pennsylvania Railroad 1959 Pocket Calendar

Pennsylvania Railroad 1958 Pocket Calendar

Pennsylvania Railroad Flashlight circa 1920

7 1/4" long and it works.

Pennsylvania Railroad "Widow's Pass" 1928. Laminated at some point. Very good overall condition

Pennsylvania Railroad "Widow's Pass" 1943. Laminated at some point. Very good overall condition

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Miscellaneous transportation and hotelware

1941 Nash Auto Book 1941 Nash Promotional Magazine

32 page magazine format with some wear but great advertising. If you have a Nash you need this.

oldsmobile blotter
Oldsmobile advertising blotter

Old bearded farmer shooting at a chicken hawk ... and missing ... the caption says "Tarnation". Mint, it's about 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" and has advertising for R S Simcoe Garage 119 121 Groton Ave Cortland N.Y.

oldsmobile blotter
Oldsmobile advertising blotter

Old bearded farmer hunting rabbits ... and wondering what the dogs are up to ... the caption says "What Ails them Critters". Mint, it's about 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" and has advertising for R S Simcoe Garage 119 121 Groton Ave Cortland N.Y.

Ford Motors Advertising Mirror

Hotel Prichard hotelware individual creamer/gravy/syrup

Lovely piece. Has a building engraved on the side and it says "Fireproof" in the scroll at the foot of the building. Appx 3" x 4" it's made by Gorham and held 2 ounces.

Oyster Fork from the Statler Hilton

Before it was the Hilton Hotels; it was Statler Hilton and this oyster fork is from that time. Appx 6" long.

Hilton Hotels Pitcher
Hilton Hotelware 8 Ounce Pitcher

Marked on bottom "Hilton 6-C-116A 8 oz Nakazato Japan" and number 68 in a rectangle. Very fine condition for hotelware. Appx 3 7/8" high.

Hilton Hotel Room Key
Hotel key from the Hilton chain

Not used it's appx 3" long.

Canadian Pacific Bottle Opener

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